Dependable, Custom Portable Restroom Solutions for Your Events

Premium Portable Restrooms, Sinks, & More to Elevate Your Event & Impress Your Guests

Top-Quality Restrooms

Our portable restrooms are clean, well-maintained, and designed to provide a comfortable experience for your event attendees.

Diverse Options

We offer a wide range of portable restrooms, including handicap-accessible units, hand wash stations, and event trailers to accommodate your specific needs.

Exceptional Service

Our prompt delivery, flexible service, and commitment to cleanliness ensure a seamless and professional experience for you and your guests.

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Finding a reliable portable restroom solution

that caters to the diverse needs of commercial events and maintains your business’s professional image can be a challenge. Settling for subpar restrooms can result in dissatisfied attendees and tarnish your reputation.

Don’t let inferior portable restrooms and inadequate sanitation negatively impact your business relationships and success. Choose a portable restroom provider that offers exceptional service and high-quality products, ensuring a positive experience for your attendees.

Your business’s reputation and customer satisfaction depend on selecting a trustworthy portable restroom provider that meets the high standards of your commercial events.operation.

Restroom Solutions

Partner with Kelley’s Portable Restrooms to ensure a remarkable restroom experience at your commercial events. We specialize in providing top-notch portable restroom services that cater to your unique needs and create a lasting impression on your guests.

With Kelley’s Portable Restrooms, you can:

Access a diverse range of portable restrooms, including handicap restrooms, and hand wash stations, designed to accommodate events of all sizes.

Experience prompt delivery and flexible service tailored to the specific requirements of corporate events, fairs, festivals, and grand openings.

Enjoy competitive rates without compromising on the quality and cleanliness of our units, enhancing your brand image and guest satisfaction.

Choose Kelley’s Portable Restrooms and give your guests an exceptional experience that reflects your commitment to their comfort and well-being.

Why Choose Kelley’s for your next event

Assess Your Event's Needs

Our team of professionals will work with you to understand the size, type, and specific requirements of your event. This assessment helps us determine the most appropriate portable restroom solutions for your commercial event.

Tailor a Customized Plan

Based on your event’s unique needs, we’ll create a customized plan outlining the portable restroom options, setup, and maintenance schedule. This plan will consider your budget and event requirements to ensure an optimal experience for your guests.

Deliver and Set Up

We’ll deliver and set up the portable restrooms according to the agreed-upon plan, ensuring a seamless integration with your event’s layout and aesthetic.

Maintain and Support

We offer scheduled maintenance and support services to ensure your event runs smoothly without any restroom-related issues.

Hassle-free Removal

We’ll remove the restrooms and handle waste disposal, giving you one less worry after your event.

The Importance of a Comfortable Restroom Experience

When it comes to hosting commercial events such as corporate gatherings, fairs, festivals, and grand openings, providing a clean and comfortable restroom experience for your attendees is a reflection of your business’s professionalism and commitment to their well-being. Kelley’s Portable Restrooms is here to meet your event needs with our top-of-the-line portable restrooms designed to impress.

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Karen Hensley


Hi! My name is Karen! I have been calling Lakeland home for the past 39 years. I graduated from Lakeland High School and Polk Community College. I am proud to say I have raised 2 beautiful daughters all while pursing my career. That career path has given me 30+ years of hands on accounting & office management experience, many of which were spent in the residential & commercial construction field and now the last several years working in the portable restroom industry. That has led me here to join forces with William Kelley.

Together, at Kelley's Portable Restrooms, we are looking forward to the commitment it takes to build our company to be one with great values, honesty and integrity. We will treat our employees with respect so that we can build an outstanding team of "family members." We want to grow our "extended family" which is you.....THE CUSTOMER. We will take pride in providing superior customer service, quality units, dependability and professionalism.

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William Kelley

Owner and CEO

I am a native of Plant City and Zephyrhills. I have lived and worked in the area my whole life. I still reside in Zephyrhills with my wife and children and enjoy being an active member of the community.

I began the journey in the portable restroom business when I saw a need for better service. I was in the construction field and could not seem to get a portable restroom that was serviced properly, so I made a choice to change that. I started W&R Construction Services in 2002, adding the portable restroom department the following year and finally selling the assets in 2008. During that time, I worked with the acquiring company for the “next 6 years.” The last 8 years has been with Kelley’s Portable restrooms LLC. I enjoyed working with the farming community building lasting relationships and gaining friends.

In 2015 I left the company to venture out on my own once again, forming a new company: Kelley's Portable Restrooms, LLC.

Together, with the help of Karen Hensley, we are devoted to giving our customers the very best service available. We believe that by working hard and treating our employees with respect we will deliver the very best portable restroom service available.

We here at Kelley's are working, learning, listening and committing ourselves to not just saying we are better but being better. I personally guarantee it!